Inga Abele

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Writer of prose, drama and poetry, Inga Abele was born in
1972 in Riga. She graduated from the Latvian Academy of
Culture, Theatre and TV/Drama Department in 2001.
Becoming successfully involved in several genres of
literature, she has had stories published (The Well House
(Akas māja, 1999), Observations in the Time of Snow
(Sniega laika piezīmes, 2004), Ants and Bumblebees
(Kamenes un skudras, 2010), novels (Fire Will Not Wake
You (Uguns nemodina, 2001), High Tide (Paisums, 2008;
published in English in 2013), Wicker Monk (Klūgu mūks,
2014) poetry (Night Pragmatist (Nakts pragmatiķe, 2000),
as well as plays (Plays (Lugas, 2003)). Inga Ābele has
received the Annual Latvian Literature Award for
Observations in the Time of Snow (2004) and
High Tide (2008), the Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature
for High Tide (2008), as well as being honoured as
a laureate of the literary festival Prose Readings in Latvia
(2008, 2009). Translations of her books have been
published in Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, France, the
Czech Republic, Slovenia, and the USA. Ābele’s short
story Ants and Bumblebees was included in the prose
anthology Best European Fiction 2010.

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