List of Supported Projects in the Second Contest of 2015

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Seven publishing projects have won support in the contest „Support for Foreign Publishers Publishing Latvian Literature”, organized by the Latvian Literature Centre in collaboration with the State Culture Capital Foundation as a part of the cultural program „Latvian Literature in the World”. The following projects have received financial support for the publication of translations of Latvian literature:

1. Edvīns Raups. Izlase (Selected Poems) (Spanish) / EDA Libros / tr. Jose Luis Reina Palazon – EUR 3500.00

2. Eva Mārtuža. Pētera zvērests (Peter’s Sacrament) (Lithuanian) / Lietuvos rašytoju sajungos leidykla / tr. Jurgis Banevičius – EUR 2700.00

3. Nora Ikstena. Dzīves stāsti (Life Stories) (Hindu) / Vani Prakashan / tr. Teji Grover – EUR 3425.00

4. Māra Zālīte. Pieci pirksti (Five Fingers) (Georgian) / Bakur Sulakauri Publishing / tr. Mzia Koberidze – EUR 1700.00

5. Māra Zālīte. Pieci pirksti (Five Fingers) (English) / Dalkey Archive Press / tr. Margita Gailītis – EUR 5625.00

6. Publication of an excerpt from Māra Zālīte’s novel „Five Fingers” in the anthology „Best European Fiction 2016” (English) / Dalkey Archive Press / tr. Margita Gailītis – EUR 2250.00

7. Juris Kunnoss. Izlase (Selected Poems) (Russian) / Center for Contemporary Literature / tr. Sergejs Moreino – EUR 2300.00

The projects were evaluated by a committee of experts: Antonija Skopa-Šlāpina and Ingūna Daukste-Silasproģe, representing the State Culture Capital Foundation; Guntars Godiņš and Eva Eglāja-Kristsone, representing the Latvian Literature Centre; and Līga Buševica, representing the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

Applications for the next competition may be submitted until September1st, 2015.

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