Translations of Latvian literature » 2008

Collection of Poetry by Liāna Langa Published in Lithuania :Read more...>

A Collection of Poetry by Dagnija Dreika in French and German :Read more...>

Inga Ābele’s Play Tumšie brieži (“Dark Deer”) in French :Read more...>

Zenta Mauriņa’s Novel “Trimdas traģika” in Lithuanian :Read more...>

Poetry by Pēters Brūveris in English in the anthology “Beacons” :Read more...>

A Selection of Poetry by Dagnija Dreika in Bulgarian :Read more...>

Knuts Skujenieks’ Volume of Poetry Tagad es esmu Aleksandrs (“Now I Am Alexander”) in Armenian :Read more...>

A Story Selection by Inga Ābele in Slovenian :Read more...>

Latvian Contemporary Fiction Anthology in Russian :Read more...>

The Novella “Lielas spodrības gaismā” by Eriks Ādamsons in a New French Anthology :Read more...>

Dace Rukšāne’s Romāniņš (“The Little Novel”) in Danish :Read more...>

Latvian Literature in Czech Literary Journal PLAV:Read more...>

Laima Muktupāvela’s Novel “Šampinjonu Derība” in German :Read more...>

A Collection of Novellas by Jānis Ezeriņš in French :Read more...>

Poems by Pēters Brūveris in English in the Literary Magazine “World Literature Today” :Read more...>