Inga Gaile

Photo by Rūta Kuplā


Poet. Born in 1976 in Riga. Finished Riga’s Central Humanities High School (1993), and took courses at the Latvian Academy of Culture in the Literary Theory, History and Criticism Department (1998). Currently studying play writing at the Latvian Academy of Culture. Her series of poems were regularly published in Latvian literary periodicals from 1997 until nowadays . Inga Gaile’s collected poetry, “Laiks bija iemīlējies” (Time Had Grown Enamored), published in 1999, won the Klavs Elsbergs Award; in 2004 a second collection of poetry, “raudāt nedrīkst smieties” (Cry Not Laugh) was awarded the Anna Dagda Foundation Accolade for high quality poetry and excellent composition of collected work. The second collection was awarded with Ojāra Vācieša award. In 2007, the book of poems Cake Mary was published, which includes poems in Latvian written between 2004 and 2006 as well as poems in the Russian language. Cake Mary received the Days of Poetry Prize 2007. In 2004 invited by the Scotish P.E.N., Inga Gaile has been a resident in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has translated to Latvian poetry of Latvia’s Russian poets Semjons Hanins, Arturs Punte and Lena Sakur.