Pauls Bankovskis

Photo by Anda Bankovska


Writer Pauls Bankovskis was born in 1973 in Ligatne. Studied glasswork in Riga Applied Art School. Studied philosophy at the University of Latvia (1992-1996). Prose published since 1993. He has worked for the newspaper Diena. Since 2006, Pauls Bankovskis has been working as the director of the publishing house Liepnieks un Rītups and a staff writer of the magazine Rīgas Laiks. He is the author of several published novels, a book for children and three collections of short stories, as well as fiction in periodicals. His central focus is sometimes Latvian history, its myths and legends; sometimes the realities of the recent Soviet years; sometimes the possibilities of the future (as in the novel Thin Ice). Bankovskis novel Cheka, Bombs and Rock 'n Roll has been translated into Czech and Finnish. In late 2007, Pauls Bankovskis published his first children’s book, Mazgalvīši spēlē mājās (Littleheads Playing Homes), which the author wrote together with his daughter, Anna.
Bankovskis’s works have been translated into English, German, Russian, Finnish, and Lithuanian.
Bankovskis is a leading Latvian writer, currently entering English/American literature through translation. The author has taken part in the annual literary festival Prose Readings. Journal “Karogs” and R. Gerkena Novel Competition Prize (1996, 2002). In 2008, he received the Jānis Baltvilks Children’s Book and Book Art Award for his book Tiny Noggins Play Houses.