Pēters Brūveris (1957 - 2011)

Photo by Raitis Puriņš /Diena/


Poet and translator Pēters Brūveris was born in Riga in 1957. After graduating from the Latvian State Conservatory’s Department of Art and Culture, in 1980, Brūveris worked as a literary consultant to the newspaper “Latvijas Jaunatne” (Latvian Youth) and the head of the literary department at the newspaper “Literatūra un Māksla” (Literature and Art). He has published poetry since 1977.

Brūveris translated and compiled the Turkish poetry anthology “Baložu pilni pagalmi” (Pigeon-Filled Courtyards) in 1988, with Uldis Bērziņš, and has translated the works of Lithuanian poets Kornelijus Platelis, Sigitas Gedas, Henrikas Radauskas, and Tomas Venclova, among others. He has also translated from the Azerbaijani, Crimean Tartar, Mordvian, Gagauz, Russian, German, and Prussian languages. Brūvers wrote the song lyrics for a popular Latvian production of “The Good Soldier Shveyk”, at the Daile Theater in 1998, and wrote the script for the animated film “Neparastie rīdzinieki” (Unusual Rigans), in 2001.In collaboration with musician Aigars Voitišķis, Brūveris has recorded an album Glass Boats (2009). He has been involved in the ambient music and environmental science project Nature’s Concert Hall, writing poetry about the characters featured in the Concert Hall, a hermit beetle, a chiffchaff, a caddisfly and a moss plant.

Brūveris has received the Klāvs Elsbergs Award (1987), the Poetry Days Award (2001, 2005), the Baltic Assembly Award (2004), the Ojārs Vācietis Literary Award (2006) and the Annual Literature Prize (2006).