Dagnija Dreika


Dagnija Dreika was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1951. She attended the School of Applied Arts and graduated from the University of Latvia where she studied French and English languages. Her first poems were published early - in 1969; her first poetry book in 1971, and she has written prolifically ever since. She has been a member of the Writers Union of Latvia since 1982, of the Journalist's Union of Latvia since 1992 and of the Author`s Society from 2000. In 1989 Dagnija Dreika studied Croatian language at Zagreb. In addition to poetry and prose, she has published several books for children and many translations from French, English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian languages.

Her poems have been translated into Lithuanian, Russian, French, English, Icelandic, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian. A volume of her prose texts have appeared in Armenian in Yerevan.

Dagnija Dreika has translated the Bronte sisters, Jane Austin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, E. Hemingway, T. Hardy, I. Murdoch, H. de Balsac, V. Hugo, Ch. Verlaine, A. Rimbaud, F. Presheren, A. G. Matosh, P. Preradovich, T. A. Ujevich.

In 2004 she received the most prestigious prize awarded to Latvian translators for the translation of Moby Dick by Hermann Melville. Dagnija Dreika is a winner of the Maurice Carême Prize, an award given to francophone writers for poetry translations and literary research. She is also a recipient of an award at the Mario Dell’Agata international poetry competition.