European First Novel Festival in Budapest

In the framework of the Budapest 12 th International Book Festival (21 - 24 April), the European First Novel Festival will be held for the fifth time. Among young emerging authors from 16 different European countries who introduce their works at the festival, also Latvian writer Andra Manfelde attends with her debut novel Needle . On the 23 rd of April at 12:00 the presentation of debut novelists takes place at the Budapest Convention Centre (1-3 Jagelló Street). Fragments of Andra Manfelde's novel Needle (Adata) have been translated into Hungarian and English and appear in print in the festival edition and in the literature magazine Magyar Lettre .

Leipzig Book Fair 2006

From March 16 to March 19 Latvian Literature Centre will be present at the Leipzig Book Fair 2006. Around 2,150 exhibitors from 33 countries are coming to this book fair. The area it occupies has increased by eight per cent to 53,000 square metres (gross).

This year Latvian Literature centre will share a stand with LAF ( Literature Across Frontiers ). Latvian writers Laima Muktupāvela and Guntis Berelis will also take part in the exhibition: they will have their prose presentations and they are going to take part at the discussion „Kleine Sprachen – grosse Literaturen” as well.



11:30 – 13:30 Jour Fix (Opening Session of the Forum)

Hall 4, D403

13:30 – 14:45 Forum: „Kleine Sprachen – grosse Literaturen”

Laima Muktupāvela /Anna Brzezinska (moderator B.Forssmann) Hall 4, D403


18:00 Readings at the Polish Institute (Markt 10) –participating also Guntis Berelis


12:15 Forum: „Kleine Sprachen – grosse Literaturen”

Guntis Berelis - Hall 4, D403


19:30 Nachlese Berlin (in der Kulturbrauerei) participating also Laima Muktupāvela .

Latvian Literature Centre in London Book Fair 2006

From March 5 to March 7 Latvian Literature Centre will be present at the London Book Fair 2006, that is a global publishing community's leading Spring forum for booksellers, publishers and librarian buyers and specifiers worldwide. This year LLC will have a place in the LAF ( Literature Across Frontiers) stand D 890. During the book fair LLC will represent and promote Latvian literature, meet international partners and publishers, initiate new cooperation projects hoping to attain positive results for possibilities of publishing Latvian literature in Great Britain.

Latvia participating in the Baltic Book Fair / Vilnius Book Fair 2006

(February 24-26)

The Baltic Book Fair, as well as the Vilnius Book Fair are now one of the most distinctive events of the Lithuanian culture and the largest book fair in the Baltic region. Likewise it is the only event in the Baltic region where Latvian Literature centre (LLC) is going to participate this year. The Organizers ( „Books From Lithuania”) have invited the delegates of the LLC as well as the young generation poets – Inga Gaile, Kārlis Vērdiņš and poets' group “Orbita” to take part in the Book Fair. Their presentations are going to take place in 4 events:

24.02., 16:30 – 17:00

Exhibition ( Laisves ave. 5)

Forum: Latvian poets Inga Gaile and Kārlis Vērdiņš present their poetry


25.02., 20:00

Cafe de Paris ( Didzioji str. 1)

ORBITA presents their poetry. Participants: poets Artur Punte, Zhorzh Uallik, Sergej Timofejev, Vladimir Svetlov, Semion Chanin


26.02., 12:00 – 13:00

Exhibition ( Laisves ave. 5)

Writers' Corner: Latvian poets Inga Gaile and Kārlis Vērdiņš present their work


26.02., 13:00 – 14:00

Exhibition ( Laisves ave. 5) ,

Forum:  ORBITA presents their work. Participants: poets Artur Punte, Zhorzh Uallik, Sergej Timofejev, Vladimir Svetlov, Semion Chanin


During the exhibition the delegates of the LLC are going to meet the delegates of the other Baltic literature centres to agree on the common program in the Prague Book Fair 2006 (May) and to inform Lithuanian publishers about the possibilities to get support for translating and publishing Latvian literature in Lithuania.

Events Calendar:

Festival “Astonishing Latvia” (Etonnante Lettonie)

In autumn 2005 the festival “Astonishing Latvia” (Etonnante Lettonie) is going to take place in the cities of France – Paris, Bordeaux, Lyons, and Strasbourg. The festival will reveal the unknown and astounding about the Latvian culture of the day and its traditions to the French people.

The culture programme of the festival is going to include theatre performances, classical ballet, opera, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, conferences, publications, debates – all together 40 different projects. In the meantime a broad economical programme is going to take place.

Latvian literature in Hungarian

The highlight of the recent issue of Hungarian literary magazine „Magyar Napló” is Latvian literature. The issue includes stories, poems and essays by Vizma Belševica, Veronika Strēlerte, Valentīns Jakobsons, Imants Ziedonis, Knuts Skujenieks, Guntars Godiņš, Anna Žīgure, Nora Ikstena, Māris Čaklais, Ilze Graudiņa, Andris Kolbergs, Vaira Vīķe Freiberga and Raimonds Briedis among others.

Book WITH DANCE SHOES IN SIBERIAN SNOWS by Sandra Kalniete named book of the month by ELLE readers

Sandra Kalniete, photo by Jānis Buls

In its issue of 8 December 2003, the French magazine Elle announced that the autobiographical book En escarpins dans les neiges de Sibérie (With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows) by Sandra Kalniete, Latvia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, has been nominated "documentary book of the month" by Elle readers.

This nomination ensures that the book will be considered for the 2004 Elle readers' prize to be awarded in May 2004. The annual award is given to one book that has already been chosen during the past year as book of the month in one of three categories: novel, documentary, detective. A jury of 120 will decide upon the winner. The Elle readers' award was established in 1970.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia's information